When Besigye Was Museveni’s Closest Buddy

By Andrew M. Mwenda

[Yesterday, January 26, 2017] NRM marked 31 years in power. On this day 31 years ago, Besigye was only 28 years and Museveni’s blue eyes cadre. They had been in the bush together fighting apparently to bring about democracy and transform the economy of Uganda.

Within three days of taking power Besigye was announced as the Minister of Internal Affairs responsible for the police. Ask the opposition politicians of the day how Besigye’s police treated them. In fact most were in Luzira.

15 years after this day, Besigye ran to exile and threatened to launch an armed struggle against Museveni accusing his mentor of violating the principles of the revolution. He promised that it was him who was singularly qualified to bring democracy and economic prosperity to Uganda.

I actively opposed Besigye’s threats to begin another round of blood letting – in private discussions with him while in exile in South Africa and on my radio show on KFM where I was the only journalist who could host him. even hosted him with then military intelligence chief Noble Mayombo who exposed his plans for armed struggle including an attempted alliance with Kony. His attempts at armed struggle hit brick wall.

Then 20 years after this day, Besigye said he would go onto the streets and launch a Tsunami to bring about democracy. He has been on the streets fighting police constables for the last 11 years, creating his own reality and then believing it that he has won all the previous elections.

We are still waiting for him to win and become president. I pray for that day subversively because it is the day when He will be exposed as another power hungry megalomaniac.

But this is Besigye’s day as much as it is Museveni’s day. So I want to congratulate Besigye and Museveni for their struggle to bring democracy and economic prosperity to Uganda.

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