Inside Besigye’s Hypocrisy

By Andrew M. Mwenda

During the 2015 attempt to field a joint presidential candidate for the opposition TDA, Besigye mobilized a faction of radical youth in FDC to go to the TDA offices and kidnap him and hold him hostage until he declares that he has been “forced by the masses” to run again.

If I am telling a lie let Besigye or any of his official spokespersons say so. I have 100% proof that the kidnap was orchestrated by Besigye personally to lie the public that there was public pressure on him to be the savior to deliver Uganda from Museveni. He was faking a way out of his promise that he would not run again if there were no electoral reforms.

The point here is simple but fundamental: Besigye is not any different from any power hungry politician. Everyday he indulges in all the practices he criticizes in Museveni. It is sad that very many people who support him are blind to his sinister political machinations and see (wrongly so) in his sacrifices a political saint.

But given power Besigye has potential to be many times worse than Museveni. In fact it is Museveni who has ironically saved Besigye from being exposed as another power hungry despot by defeating him in all elections.

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