Barbie Kyagulanyi Reminisces Surviving In The Repugnant Slums Of Kamwokya With Her Penniless Husband

When you look at her now, it is hard to imagine that a mere ten years ago, she lived in an impoverished neighborhood; with hardly enough to get by. Today, as wife to one of Uganda’s most celebrated Raga Artists, Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi swanks of being one of the most admired women in Uganda.

Barbie is an Author, business woman, Reality TV Star, philanthropist and girl rights activist. She took time this week to raise the spirits of her fans, motivating them to be of good cheer, even while they hustle through inadequacies and pangs of unfulfilled dreams.

She explained Sunday, February 5, at a Galaxy FM [platform], that diligence and grit is all one needs to make it through…..

“All my husband and I had were dreams and aspirations. He dreams big you know.” Barbie so recounted as she remembered her life to be in the early 2000s – with a broke boyfriend; hardly with a name, house or car.

“One February, we were too broke to afford breakfast or even taxi fares from Kanyanya to Kamwokya. To get a meal, we had to open up an account of sorts at a restaurant in Kamwokya. The owner is such a good Mutooro man. He let us eat any day anytime and my husband paid after several weeks whenever he got money.”

Barbie says that looking at the scorching sun of the February morning, she was sharply reminded of the “drought” that used to be in her husband’s pocket 14 years ago.

The apparently very godly Barbie was yesterday, doing her part in crediting what the power of God can do for anyone who waits upon him even as they work hard to toward their dreams. Here’s the rest of her Statement:

“We walked from our muzigo in Kanyanya, through Bahai Temple, Kyebando and down to Kamwokya every day. I am from a well to do family but I chose not to cry to my relatives. During this time me and my husband had dreams and aspirations. He dreams big you know. As we walked through the dust and jumped those dirty myala every day, we talked. In fact, we always found ourselves in Kamwokya somehow.”

“He told me of how he was going to be rich. How his music would never disappear from the surface of this earth. He told me that he would build an empire and his name would never be forgotten. The story is long…”

“I later realized that such times were meant to prepare us for a later stage when we had a lot to eat and a car to drive. See, when you are waiting on God to take you to another level, you have to learn to be content. Content with what you are/have at the moment. God is letting you go through such times to prepare you for when you reach that goal you are working so hard to achieve. You know, if you have not gone through the training of being happy and content with little, you will never be happy with a lot. Even if you achieve your dreams, you will be excited for a short while and then your spirit will start yearning for something bigger.”

“Be happy with the little you have as you dream big. Be patient in times of drought so that when it rains you will appreciate it more.

My husband and I have learnt to appreciate each season. We are happy when we have a lot and when things seem to be tough. We have the ability to truly enjoy the hard times because we know we are being prepared for when things are better.”

Barbie exhorts, “don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself whenever things are difficult. As you put your trust and energy in a better tomorrow, don’t forget that the challenges you are facing today will be your fall back strength in future.”

Lastly, “Pray, Believe, Trust and be Patient.”

Who’s Barbie Kyagulanyi?

Born 7th September, Barbie Kyagulanyi grew up in Kyempene, Rugarama, Ntungamo District in the Western Part of Uganda.

Married to one of Uganda’s most successful Musicians, Bobi Wine, Barbie has since become a popular role model to many mothers, youths and young girls.

Her book “GOLDEN MEMORIES OF A VILLAGE BELLE” authored in 2012, gives an insight on how exciting her childhood was.

Today, Barbie is known for her major participation in Charity works like Cancer Awareness Campaigns, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Girl Child Education and Malaria Eradication. Her contribution to Campaigns on reducing MOTHER and CHILD DEATHS DURING BIRTH IN UGANDA is also very significant. Barbie was mainly known by the Ugandas as an exemplary mother of three on a reality TV show named THE GHETTO PRESIDENT.

Barbara Kyagulanyi is the Executive Director of Caring Hearts Uganda, an activist for children and youth.

Barbie is the Managing Director of One Love Beach Busabala which happens to be an enterprise of her husband’s.

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