Is Besigye Different From Museveni?

By Andrew M. Mwenda

Besigye and his radical extremists need to address the following: If Besigye wants to convince us that he is different from Museveni let him do so in actions not mere words. If he wants to convince us that it is not only Museveni who can manage Uganda let him first show us that it is not only Besigye who is singularly qualified to beat Museveni in a presidential election.

If there are many Ugandans qualified to make a good president, surely there should be just as many Ugandans good enough to make an effective opposition presidential candidate. If Museveni was dishonest when he promised to respect term limits and then changed his mind, then Besigye too is dishonest for promising three times that he would not run again for president only to renege on his word.

As seen from above Besigye is not any different from Museveni. In fact Besigye is a Museveni without Museveni’s skills. Given power he has potential to reproduce Musevenism without Museveni’s finesse.


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