Bebe Cool Enraged By Media Banter: “I Expected An Editorial That Appreciates Hard Work”

“Today I have decided to officially ask all Organizing Committees of any Music Competition/Awards in Uganda to exclude my name in any nomination in Uganda. Let me concentrate on being appreciated beyond my borders rather . . . “

Uganda’s king-sized music superstar, Bebe Cool is hopping mad at the media after a cartoon was published in a daily, earlier this week critiquing the singer’s perennial sweep of the accolades, even where he’s conjectured least likely.

According to The Daily Monitor’s Sqoop, a weekly entertainment magazine, it is so hard for Bebe Cool not to win as many awards as he may like since he has such close ties with the organization responsible for his 4 Wins at the Hipipo Awards, on February 04, 2017.

In his rebuttal, the Dede Singer decried the incompetence of the media, citing laziness and inability of journalists to investigate things, resorting to an overreliance on Social media gibberish.

  • Here’s The Full Statement Of Bebe Cool.

I was affected when I saw a newspaper that I trust in Uganda, putting up a cartoon impression that is definitely destructive to the music industry of Uganda. For such a media house to claim that I personally own the HIPIPO awards and hence award myself, it’s a pity. Seeing such destruction happening at a moment when Uganda needs constructive information to help direct citizens to hard work . . . . .

I have won a lot of awards in my last 25 years because of hard work, focus and consistence; despite all the negative forces that have been put in my front.

I would have expected an article that appreciates the ones who are focused and have worked hard and encourage the ones who are lazy and not focused to better themselves hence our industry.

If you wanted to know the truth about who is who and who deserves what in Uganda, do your personal research on the ground rather than sitting in office and picking one or two rumors off social media.

I have reached great heights in my career and I’m still focused on greater ones. HIPIPO awards are the only legitimate, consistent awards in Uganda since PAM awards closed and I don’t remember any male artist working better than me even in the last two PAM awards.

But you did not name them PAMBEBE AWARDS like you have named the later HI-BEBE music awards?

Let last year be evidence to you that despite the fact that I had become the most hated artist allover Uganda because of my political stand, I managed to turn the tables round and make people love me for who I am and the music I did. Remember all artists who did not do public political moves were in their comfort zone while I was focused and working hard.

All the research that was done by everyone who analyzed the music in Uganda last year by December pointed out clearly the Best Performing Male Artists, Bebe Cool and Best Performing Female Artist, Sheebah.

Don’t forget the music spoke for its self and also how many concerts the two of us where doing could prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that these where the best, not forgetting I was from Tubonga Nawe where Uganda had been asked by opposition leaders to boycott my music and concerts.

Unfortunately I have also heard musicians claiming the same. . .

Today I have decided to officially ask all organizing committees of any music competition/awards in Uganda to exclude my name in any nomination in Uganda. Let me concentrate on being appreciated beyond my borders rather than home where it is the way of a GOOD Ugandan to fail a fellow achieving Ugandan both locally and in the diaspora.

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