About Besigye’s Musevenism. . .

Whenever Museveni has tried to do something and failed, he has blamed the opposition for sabotaging him. This was the case with Bujagali dam in 1999. In the same vain, whenever Besigye tries something and it fails, he blames the “dictatorship.” This is the case with his myriad promises to win elections or bring down government through defiance.

Sometimes Museveni blames failure on local government officials whom he accuses of being corrupt. Besigye blames his failures on “elites” whom he accuses of being either cowards or accepted to be bribed by Museveni. He blames his electoral loses on rigging, even when he has claimed to have “vote protection brigades” that would ensure there would be no such theft.

In all cases none of them takes personal responsibility as leaders for their failures and/or mistakes. What Uganda is facing is that Museveni in the form of Besigye is fighting hard to replace Museveni the real one. The country is locked up in a false choice of whether to keep the original or go for a carbon copy. Besigye is Museveni without Museveni’s finesse.

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