Besigye’s Taking His Radical Extremists Nowhere

For 16 years now, opposition presidential candidate for life, Kizza Besigye, has led his followers, especially radical extremists, along a tunnel with no light at the end. He has promised them power through various means but failed to deliver anything except misery.

Their radicalism is a sign of lost hope; their anger is misdirected to those who seek to save them from a leader who is incapable of delivering on their false hopes.

In 2000, Besigye promised victory through elections and lost. From 2001-2005 he threatened to launch armed rebellion and nothing came of it; whatever little that was organized was nipped in the bud. In 2005 he promised victory through elections and delivered defeat.

In 2008, Besigye promised a Tsunami that never materialized. In 2010, he said he had created vote protection brigades for the 2011 elections but he lost with 26%. He claimed he had been cheated. But where were these vote protection brigades when he was being cheated?

In 2011, he said he would not go to court because the courts are compromised by the Executive. Never mind the courts have protected him from practically every crime he has committed and literally placed him above the law. He gets bail even when charged with crimes like treason and terrorism. Out of the more than 100 times he has gone to court Besigye has lost only twice. So the courts are compromised because they have not declared him president.

In 2011 he began walk to work and went nowhere won it. In 2013 he launched P10 and it produced almost nothing in 2016. He lost the election and again claimed he had been cheated. Then launched what he called a defiance campaign that has not even succeeded in putting 20 people on the streets to defy a rat.

If it is not utter stupidity or bling fanaticism what is it that drives people to keep believing this man’s tall tales of happiness to come?

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