Besigye’s House Of Cards Begins To Crumble

By Andrew M. Mwenda

The radical extremist faction of FDC led by opposition presidential candidate for life, Kizza Besigye, is already pushing that party towards an open split. High profile politicians are finally finding their voice to stand up against intolerance and blackmail by this group.

First MP Abdul Katuntu came out openly and opposed Besigye’s lawlessness which he calls defiance. Then the powerful MP for women in Kampala, Nabila, followed suit, denouncing the cult leader. Last week the great Salam Musumba defied the radicals and declared she is open to working with NRM on mutually beneficial causes.

Now former party Secretary General, Alice Alaso, has come out to denounce the radical extremism and intolerance of this dangerous group. The radicals have always claimed anyone who disagrees with their wanton threatens is a hired hand of Museveni. But as many keep breaking away from this hold of tyranny, many more will follow suit.

We call upon all patriotic members of FDC, the wider opposition and so many other democratic minded Ugandans who believe in unity and freedom to come out openly and join our winning campaign against radical extremism promoted by Besigye in our country.

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