Victory Over Besigye’s Radical Extremism

By Andrew M. Mwenda

The campaign against radical extremism in FDC by its cult leader and opposition presidential candidate for life, Kizza Besigye had taught us many lessons.

First the suffering the cult leader has gone through has traumatized his supporters who have blinded themselves to the profound strategic deficit in his courageous resilience.

Secondly, FDC supporters cannot accept that they have been cheated but have not been winning elections. Rigging, however limited in the total picture impact, is a consoling refuge for them. They cannot look beyond it. Besigye himself is both propagator and prisoner of this narrative. The more you bash them, the more they tunnel.

Third Besigye rejects alternative policy, voter persuasion and turnout and growth in down-ballot footprint as options he should pursue. Instead he now has a defiance campaign against them when presented as deficits to his leadership. The illogic is profound but aggressive.

This campaign has sought to expose Besigye as a cult leader in FDC, has lacking in strategic foresight, as someone just clinging to opposition leadership, and as a leader and promoter of radical extremism. We have succeeded beyond our dreams.

We have demonstrated that radical extremists are empty tins that threaten with lies, insults, blackmail, intimidation, false accusations and character assassination. Beyond that they cannot bite. Once you take them on head-on, they scamper like dogs with tiles between their legs.

Finally now that we have the largest engagements on Facebook , we are turning this platform to discuss serious policy issues on agriculture, industry, health, education etc basing on scientific evidence and not wolokoso. I am sure Besigye’s radical extremists will even run further away coz they lack the brains to digest these issues.

Laluta continua

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