Navio Débuts “Tumunonye” Ahead Of His Return To The Raw

After the massive success of his #Njogereza video, Uganda’s rap maestro, Navio has now promised to re-brand himself, back to the “raw” [hardcore rap game] – which he’s more at home with.

As it turns out, the rapper’s adventure of baxraga [contemporary music genre] has been good while it lasted but here it must pause – it was always going to be transitory [and a muse].

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“My comeback to the rap scene will be something yet unseen in East Africa,” he said today on his social media platforms.

This news comes shortly after the release of #Tumunonye[watch video above], another monster hit in the quality of the trending Baxraga.

“HipHop Leads,” he conferred, “[but] before my return to the raw check out Tumunonye…” It is super dope!

Well, Mr. Kigozi [Navio], Kivumbi Press will not only stalk you on your new journey, we’ll be supporting you and blowing the trumpet for you!

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