Priscilla Chan Is Pregnant With Second Zuckerberg Daughter

The couple’s daughter Max celebrated her first birthday in November, with a party at home alongside her parents and colorful balloons.

“Priscilla and I are happy to share we’re expecting another baby girl!” So wrote Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, expressing his excitement upon the news that he would soon be daddy to baby #2 after 15 Month old Max.

On Thursday, Facebook’s big boss announced on the popular social media site that he and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, a pediatrician, were going to welcome a sibling for their daughter Maxima “Max” later this year.

Mark Zuckerberg, 32 further accompanied his post with a throwback, so to speak – photos of his younger self and his wife’s.

Zuckerberg went on writing that “after difficult experience having Max,” they weren’t sure what to expect or whether they’d be able to have another child.

“When Priscilla and I first found out she was pregnant again, our first hope was that the child would be healthy. My next hope was that it would be a girl. I cannot think of a greater gift than having a sister and I’m so happy Max and our new child will have each other.

I grew up with three sisters and they taught me to learn from smart, strong women. They weren’t just my sisters but some of my best friends. They’ve gone on to write books, excel at performance, music, sports, cooking and their careers. They showed me how to compete and still laugh together afterwards.

Priscilla grew up with two sisters and they taught her the importance of family, caring for others and hard work. They supported each other as first generation college students and in their careers in medicine and business. They have so many inside jokes — the kind only siblings can understand.

We are all better people because of the strong women in our lives — sisters, mothers and friends. We can’t wait to welcome our new little one and do our best to raise another strong woman.”

This comes shortly after Celebrating Priscilla’s birthday in New Orleans on their last night of their road trip recently.

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