New Snoop Dogg Music Video Is Causing Panic Among Donald Trump Supporters

American Legendary Music Superstar, Snoop Dogg is causing such hullabaloo all over social media, even mainstream media, all because of doing the same thing he has been doing for almost his entire life – a music video!

Snoop Dogg happens to have pointed and shot a [toy] gun at a clown dressed as America’s President, Donald Trump in a new music video for “Lavender.”

According to Washington Times, the 45-year-old rapper said the song, named after the original “BADBADNOTGOOD” collaboration featuring Kaytranada, is a response to the “clowns” in power who supposedly profit off the struggles of the black community.

In the video, as directed by Jesse Wellens, Snoop Dogg points a gun at caricature of Trump’s head and pulls the trigger, causing a “BANG” flag to shoot from the barrel. In a later scene, the Trump-like piece of art is seen bound by chains as he tries in vain to score a hit off Snoop Dogg’s blunt.

And now; practically everybody is talking – to endorse as much as to oppose. But anyway, that is all what politics is – an art – to expose the obscured parts of humanity. Whatever point, Snoop Dogg wanted to make with his video, he is surely achieving what successful and talented artists are expected to achieve – attention.

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