Why Skin-Lightening [Bleaching] Is Not Always A Bad Thing

skin bleaching
Skin-lightening has many advantages and in some cases it can be a real life saver

Many people work hard to achieve a smooth and flawless skin. Shops and supermarkets are full of skin-lightening creams and lotions just for this purpose – and they [sellers] make a lot of money off people who absolutely dislike their skin for whatever reason.

  • Skin lightening products or skin bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that aims at lightening dark areas of skin to achieve a generally paler complexion.

According to BBC, Psychologists say there are always underlying reasons why people bleach, including self-hate and low self-esteem.

But whereas some skin-lightening creams can produce many adverse effects, there’s also the good side of bleaching products – especially as recommended by a skin specialist [or dermatologist].

In fact, in 2013, Word Health Organization reported that over 77% of Nigerian women use bleaching products; 59% in Togo, 35% in South Africa and 25% in Mali.

Skin-lightening has many advantages and in some cases it can be a real life saver, so to speak. The following are some of the reasons you might reconsider your perception on use of skin bleach;

  1. It is usually used to improve the appearance of blemishes such as scars, birthmarks and melasma [dark patches].
  2. Many Dermatologists actually prescribe skin-bleaching creams as medicines or vaccines to their patients for skin disease such as pimples.
  3. Used to get rid of acne. Post inflammatory pigmentation – dark spots appear because of injury to the skin or inflammation like acne – can be faded by applying skin-bleaching products.
  4. Many products actually have no bleach involved in skin-lightening. Skin bleaching medicines work by reducing a pigment called melanin. By applying the medication to hyper-pigmented areas – parts of the body or face that are visibly darker than others – melanin production is disrupted allowing the skin to lighten and become more uniform.
  5. Natural skin-lightening options also exist as well. For those wary of harmful chemicals, there are many naturally occurring agents that can be found in nature that can be found in nature that have lightening properties.

However it is also true that some people have a serious misconception about their dark skin and this would be a bad motivation for using bleaching products one’s skin.

It is simply not true that light-skinned people are any better [in terms of beauty or success] than dark-skinned people.

If anything, they should envy the black skin because the pigment that makes it black, melanin, gives one superior advantages that light-skinned people might never have – being able to deal with adverse weather conditions, for instance…