Bebe Cool Declares 2018 A Bebe Cool Year: Will He Deliver?

On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, Uganda’s Dancehall Heavyweight, the king-sized Bebe Cool named the new year after himself, promising to embark on a music journey that we have not seen him on in a long time – if ever.

“I’m done with jokes in my music,” he declared. And apparently, “it’s time to sing” and then he called for the games to begin – after giving himself an ultimatum – “I want to declare the first six months for my judgment for 2018.”

To vow like this, the Love You Everyday singer was on social media [Facebook] thanking his fans [for their unwavering support toward him]. He was also making an analysis of the previous year in entertainment, recognizing the media [and clubs], the DJs, the fellow artists, and he even brought himself to honor his best of 2017;

To him, these “deserve full recognition/credit for 2017 entertainment in Uganda. . .
Ykee Benda – Superman, Eva, Malaika
Fik Fameica — Byenyenya, Kutama
Sheebah — Rambo, Muwe
Irene Ntale — Kyolowoza, Stamina Daddy
Roden Y Kabako — Stani Tonkema
Vinka — Over Dose, Malaika
Voltage Music — Over Dose, Cheza Mama
David Lutalo — Kwasa, Wolololo
Eddy Yawe & Carol Nantongo — Tukigale
Moureen Nantume -Ndi Muzade,Malidadi
Spice Diana — Bukete, Anti Kale
B2C — Nyongera, Gutamiza, Akapande
Gravity Omutujju — Cricket Oval
Lydia Jazmine – Nkubanja,Chery, Drum
Geosteady — Owoma,Tokendeza
Bebe Cool — Katono,Mbozzi Za Malwa,Nananana,18 & Over.”

Moreover he recognized Comedians too; Mariachi, Mad Rat & Chiko and

He then made special mention of Abrianz, crediting him for “organizing what am confidently calling Africa’s top fashion show in Uganda.”  He went ahead to call upon the government and “my president to directly support, by financing this young man because the event sells Uganda beyond our borders and fashion is also a key factor in promoting/keeping our culture,” he stressed.

Meanwhile it has been very clear that despite a few tracks that excited Ugandans, 2017 was generally a dull year as far as music is concerned.

It remains to be seen whether Bebe Cool will deliver on a promise this time, considering in October, 2016, he promised to ever since release a new music video every other month which he failed miserably.

As a habinger however, Bebe Cool has shared his new “Freedom” Video. Watch Here


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