8 Natural Home Remedies For Achieving Sparkling & Beautiful Eyes

The beauty of a person is always reflected in their eyes. Everyone dreams of clear, bright eyes – to be happy and confident. It is indeed achievable.

The best way to deal with your red, tired and unhealthy eyes is by using the natural ingredients that have no side effects, such as having enough sleep before thinking about anything else to improve your eyesight and get rid of the redness in them.

You can use these eight step-by-step simple remedies at home and it won’t even cost you a dime…

  1. Cucumber


This is a widely known remedy for puffy eyes; cucumber is a good option for those who want to know how to get clear eyes without eye drops.

The high water content in the cucumber is the main ingredient that works for the eyes.

  • Get a cold cucumber and cut it into slices.
  • Relax down and put two slices on the eyes while your eyes are closed.
  • Remove the slices when you feel them warm.
  1. Milk

Cold milk is one of the remedies which could help you although most people don’t usually take it serious.

If you feel your eyes tired sometimes, take a big ice cold glass of milk. After drinking that glass then get some cotton balls and soak them for a minute.

  • Lie down and place the soaked cotton wool on your eyes when tightly closed.
  • Leave them for about 5-10 minutes and wash your eyes.
  1. Potato Slice
Potato Slices

These have lots of skin benefits and your eyes as well.

These potato slices help you to reduce puffiness and tiredness in your eyes. They are have a high water content and Vitamin C with Potassium which helps to keep the fluids in your eyes.

  • Wash the potato and cut it into slices
  • Then lie down on your bed and place the slices onto your closed eyes
  • After ten minutes you can remove them and wash your eyes
  1. Strawberry
Strawberry mask

Frozen Strawberries can cure puffy and tired looking eyes and can give you bright white eyes naturally. To use the strawberries remove the tops of several frozen strawberries before cutting them into slices.

  • After slicing the berries put them under the eyes
  • Wait for five minutes and rinse the face off with water and moisturize it after
  1. Ginger and Honey


Ginger helps you to have proper blood circulation in the body while honey is a natural moisturizer.

Ginger is very effective in removing the puffiness from your eyes and giving your eyes a soothing effect.

  • Take one teaspoon full of ginger extract
  • Then add ½ teaspoon of honey to this extract
  • Then use your finger to gently massage the mixture on your eyes for 5 minutes
  • Repeat this daily
  1. Aloe Vera Gel


Another natural popular way to get clear eyes is certainly the Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is very effective in reducing the redness and purging the itching from your eyes. You can also use it to treat dry skin, removing dead skin cells, and reducing the itching on the skin.

  • Take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and remove its gel
  • Then apply the gel on your eyes
  • Massage the eyes for about 5 minutes until its dissolved
  • Let it on your face for 20 minutes after moisturize
  1. Exercise Your Eyes
Exercise Your Eyes

Try the simplest method of all. This will help you to relax your eyes and add a shine and sparkle too.

The exercises will reduce the eye strain and improve your blood circulation to the eyes

  • Just take a pen and then move it horizontally and vertically [back and forth] while focusing the eyes on the tip of the pen
  • Another exercise is that you shut your eyes and squeeze them tightly and open them fast and wide as a ‘rift valley’. Repeat this process until your eyes start to water. This will make them fresh and bright
  1. Hydrate Yourself
Drinking Water

Keep your eyes hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid staring screens for a long time. On the other hand, you are looking at your screen right now which makes it obvious that you can’t avoid it but what you can do is to blink frequently in order to avoid drying out your eyes.

Give yourself a break every after 50-60 minutes

These home remedies will help you to eliminate the puffiness. They will soothe your eyes from all kinds of pain.

But you have to be careful about using these remedies around your eyes; you might consider to first check the remedy on your skin if it irritates it and you don’t have to try it on your eyes. Better you choose another part of your body.

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