The Most Influential Female News Anchors In Uganda

They have the attitude. They are smart, vivid and down to business. They are squarely emancipated and will take on anyone. They are the most powerful female news anchors in Uganda.

Besides the fact that they are just like any of us, with normal lives and normal routines, these women have something else up their sleeve – they know how to capture your attention and keep you ogling. More than being news readers; these are super charms.

They are the prettiest news anchors that Ugandan Television has right now; moreover they are not just immaculate, they are most definitely chic and lively. On this list are the ten most captivating lady anchors who we thought continue to brighten up Uganda’s newsrooms and sitting rooms alike.

  1. Josephine Karungi
Josephine Karungi
Josephine Karungi

She is a news anchor at NTV and also the host on a show called “Perspective With Josephine Karungi” which airs weekly on Sundays. She exposes nothing but brilliancy and poise.

She has been an English newscaster since her debut presentation on Nation TV and without a doubt she ‘nails’ it just like the pro she is – the way she reads her news is very impressive and it is quite obvious that she gained much experience and greater skill over time.

Josephine’s [wonderful] work has pushed her into immense limelight to the extent everyone wants to have a piece of her. Indeed her power springs from her extreme beauty and soft-spoken personality – she is down-to-earth and [apparently] organized. She also is as inspiring to old people as she is a role-model to many young girls all over the country.

  1. Doreen Komuhangi
Doreen Komuhangi
Doreen Komuhangi

Not only is she stunning to look at, she also is justly exceptional as news anchor – and it comes with her strong character. Doreen Komuhangi who first hosted the morning show called “the morning breeze” alongside veteran journalist, Simon Kaggwa Njala, still overshadows many of her contemporaries as one of the prettiest female news anchors in Uganda.

On top of her apparent intellect, Komuhangi’s power lies in her ability to dazzle the viewers with her life-size eyes and exquisite complexion; this outstanding beauty keeps the glow all over the screen and the viewers just can’t help but tune in to her business news.

Doreen who describes herself as a humble person and disciplined also prefers to keep a low profile. However, she can’t help everyone being in awe of her and looking at her like cake.

  1. Rukh-shana Namuyimba
Rukh-shana Namuyimba
Rukh-shana Namuyimba

Her poise, aptitude and eccentric demeanor have made her a force to reckon with. Rukhshana Namuyimba who first worked for NTV as broadcaster of the “Weekend Edition” is currently a news anchor at NBS TV where she continues to perform ‘magic’, as it were. She is a graduate of Makerere University and has been with media [including telecom companies] in an array of capacities. However, as a news anchor, Namuyimba ranks high on the list – because of her almost flawless accent and her finely tuned sense of style that always sweeps her viewers off their feet – the camera loves her and her stately self augments the fact really well.

  1. Hatmah Nalugwa Sekaaya
Hatima Nalugwa Ssekaaya

She’s been a news anchor at NTV since 2007 and she’s specialized to present in local language “Luganda” although she actually is a fluent speaker of English.

Although she is exceptional as a seasoned newscaster, Nalugwa is mostly powerful as a personable, engaging and down-to-earth personality.

She describes herself as a loving, caring and honest woman and this; we totally agree that she really is like she says.

  1. Flavia Tumusiime
Flavia Tumusiime1
Flavia Tumusiime

She is the lady that almost every man has a crush on. Flavia Tumusiime had already made her name as Capital FM’s illustrious presenter before she actually joined full-time TV to read the 9 O’clock bulletins. Meanwhile she is also an actress and a socialite, among other things.

Flavia is wickedly cute with an immensely delightful personality; little wonder men in town can’t help drooling, wishing for a piece of her. Her voice also is a real power – and her adeptness is the ultimate fountain of her attractiveness.

Flavia has worked with both local and international media companies – as host and public relations manager.

She has justly earned herself the respect she savors now and many young girls across the country want to be just like her when they grow up.

  1. Faridah Nakazibwe
Faridah Nakazibwe
Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah Nakazibwe is the epitome of woman power on Ugandan TV right now. Having been one of the pioneer newscasters of Nation TV about 10 years ago, she has indeed earned her place as one of the household names in Uganda.

For starters, her personal life has always been an over-publicized affair and as such she has endlessly attracted cameras to herself – and gathering a rather large natural following. But it is also because she is insanely gorgeous and curvaceous – another public hanger.

Nakazibwe is a news anchor at NTV’s Akawungeezi and also airs a daily morning Luganda show called “Mwasuzemutya” which also airs on Spark TV. Her cool-headedness and down0to0earth persona are very apparent on screen as they are in real life. Her silky voice is the other charm; moreover she is very brainy – as evidenced with her engaging and intelligible interviews.

She is one of the best Luganda news anchors on TV; her power is her eloquence and smashing looks. Of course they have greatly contributed to who she is today.

  1. Bushira Namirimu
Bushrah Namirimu
Bushrah Namirimu

She is NBS’s “Amasengejje“ news anchor albeit she reports both in English and vernacular which she does really flawlessly. Bushrah is one of those young ladies that believe that there is an opportunity out of every challenge.

Her looks are easy on the eye and the camera loves her. She dresses both elegantly and decently. She looks jovial most of the time but her power has always been in her sweet voice which has won her a host of fans.

  1. Mildred Tuhaise
Mildred Tuhaise Amooti

Some benefits in life come by luck but this particular lady has really earned her place in the media. Mildred Tuhaise is her name and with NBS TV she anchors Live @ 9, an evening news bulletin that runs through the whole week.

However she also hosts a morning show “morning breeze” and this is where she has drawn most credits. On the show she shows herself both as feisty and astute as she takes on the difficult discussions of the day with the vast array of distinguished personnel in the country.

Before she joined NBS TV she was a journalist at WBS TV and leaving her previous job was a turning point upon which catapulted her career to the very top. She presents herself with her prim and conservative sense of fashion – and it suits her well.  After all she is good looking.

  1. Sanyu Robinah Mweruka
Sanyu Robinah MWERUKA2
Sanyu Robinah MWERUKA

Sanyu Robinah Mweruka; She is Bukedde TV’s Agabutikidde and Agataliiko Nfuufu news anchor;  both bulletins are read in vernacular “Luganda”. She also hosts a weekly show called “Omuntu W’abantu”.

With all that on her shoulders, clearly Sanyu Robinah Mweruka has made her point that she indeed more than flaunt her beautiful woman features, she also carries a good head.

Mweruka stands out against other ladies mostly because of her assertive personality and acute confidence. She is the envy of many ladies because of her unusual ability to stay buoyant even when she’s cornered. She is also beautiful and that’s a power she likewise uses well to her advantage.

  1. Joyce Bagala
Joyce BAGALA 5
Joyce Bagala

She is a “Luganda” news anchor at NBS TV and a radio presenter as well. Joyce Bagala stands out because of her exceptional talent to tell the news stories in organic and believable fashion. She does not read the news, she tells the story.

This is power for her because her viewers look forward to her editions simply because she is an exceptional communicator. She, for that matter, is one of the most powerful Ugandan female anchors presently.

  1. Sheila Nduhukire
Sheila Nduhukire1
Sheila Nduhukire

No doubt she’s currently one of Uganda’s highly reputed journalists [and news anchors]. She has literally interviewed a whole host of the country’s top names. But anyway that’s about what everyone on this list has done. What makes Nduhukire stand out is her passion for what she does.

Perhaps as the first daughter of a clergyman [Bishop Steven Namanya of North Ankole diocese] and former guild president of Mbarara University that should come naturally – she is focused and meticulous. Having graduated from University, Nduhukire worked as a reporter for Red pepper based in Mbarara, and then joined The Daily Monitor. About two (2) years later she was recruited for electronic media by Nation TV’s Maurice Mugisha.

Actually Sheila is quite reserved and she exudes such an immeasurable amount of decorum and finesse – even as evident in her interviews. It is this character that has won her almost unfettered influence with the crème de la crème of our society.

Moreover her fine English accent, her smooth voice and nice looks simply make her just perfect for the screen.


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