Why You Need Other Fluids As Much As You Need Water In Your Body. . .

At least 8 glasses of fluid per day is the classic recommendation, and a great goal to set initially, but it’s definitely oversimplified.

There has never been a conclusive study on exactly how much water you should drink everyday! But Doctors generally agree that you should think of 8 glasses of water a day as the bare minimum, and then keep sipping.

It’s just that there are circumstances in which water needs increase, healthy men and women generally need to consume water in such large quantities.

Drinking little water can cause mild dehydration, defined as the loss of 1-2% of body weight due to fluid loss. In this state, you may experience fatigue, headache and impaired mood. But in order to stay hydrated and avoid mild dehydration, you should have the built- in instinct called thirst.

You need to be drinking water to stay optimally hydrated. Replacing the water you lose though breath, sweat, urine and faeces.

This is what you gain from drinking lots of water a day;

  1. Weight Loss

Drinking enough water may help you burn more calories reducing appetite if consumed before a meal and lowering the risks of long-term weight gain.

  1. Better Physical Performance

Modest dehydration may impair physical performance. Losing only 2% of your body’s water content during exercises may increase fatigue and reduce enthusiasm.

  1. Reduces Severity Of Headaches

For those prone to headaches, drinking additional water may reduce the intensity and duration of episodes. In dehydrated individuals, water may help relieve headache symptoms.

  1. Constipation Relief

In people who are dehydrated, drinking enough water may help prevent and relieve constipation.

It’s not only water that supplies your body with water other beverages like milk and fruit juice, as well. In fact, caffeinated beverages and mild alcoholic drinks such as beer may also contribute to fluid intake, at least when they’re consumed in moderation.

These beverages only become significant diuretics when you consume them in large quantities. [Diuretics are substances that increase fluid loss by making you urinate more often.

So if some people say that you should drink exactly 8 glasses of water day, may not be accurate because not only drinking those glasses of water contributes to water presence in your body.

So water you get from foods depends on the amount of water rich in foods you eat. Fruits and vegetables are particularly rich in water and foods like meat, fish and eggs also have relatively high water content. Lastly, some amount of water is produced within your body when you metabolize nutrients. This is referred to as metabolic water.

In daily fluid intake from drinking water and other beverages is estimated to be around 70-80%, while foods are thought to account for about 20-30%

Besides water, other foods and beverages you ingest also contribute to your overall daily intake of fluids and help you hydrated. Some water is also created within your body through metabolism. Those are some simple benefits of drinking water.

Source: Fitbit

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