Politics Has A Way Of Turning Good People Into Sheer Narcissistic Phonies

90% of the time, the Opposition in Uganda spends its energies lecturing government on democracy and proper management. The assumption would be that they have deeply internalized the tenets of democratic organization – especially “dialogue” and harmonization – as opposed to impulsiveness.

Incidentally, compromise does not thrill FDC at all… The deportment of Dr. Kiiza Besigye, his legion and now, his stooge, Patrick Amuriat is to affront their political rivals – they are indignant and for them, politics seems to be a zero-sum game. This is why we are at this spot… Tubalemese…

Of course this call was just add force to the official version…

Newly installed FDC President, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, last week, called upon his party members across the country to show no human kindness to any Member of Parliament that supported the amendment of Article 102b that saw the lifting of the Presidential Age Limit.
With no mince of words, he attempted to fill up on the Defiance Campaign one more time, calling for boycotts, isolation and utter intolerance against the very last dissenter of their views.

We are slowly and quite steadily slumping into the politics of blackmail and intolerance! Moreover we are calling it the alternative to Museveni’s way of doing things!
Just where do the barefaced bullies get the moral authority to preach to anyone against bigotry and prejudice?

The Mind Of The Voters

Polarizing times such as last year’s constitutional showdown are never for who wins or loses; everyone is under scrutiny by the various demographics of the electorate.

Most keen voters look over the scramble to check if there’s anyone so contrasted to the status quo they loathe… only for a supposed alternative to come out dash all hopes, rallying the public to libel fellow compatriots as outlaws.

People are not daft; they are constantly looking out for who has more grace and sobriety in the middle of so much commotion. City hoodlums aside, people have noble interest in keeping this country country; at any rate this is home – a tranquil environment matters most – despite individual political biases.

If there’s no compromise, there’s no democracy – finding the middle ground is the bedrock of any democracy. For as long as Politics is a do or die, there’ll never be any meaningful change of government because everyone is suspicious, questioning, even despising the motive of the other.

The day our Politicians begin working in the interest of our country, it’ll never be hard for two sides to sit down and talk. I mean, it is just talking – to come to agreement on what we think is good for our people and our country.
As it is now, politicians are putting their interests first, meanwhile the peace and future of the country is at stake.


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