Break The Boredom: These Are 10 Of The Most Interesting Instagram Accounts To Follow Through Quarantine Season

It is heartening that scientists, all across the globe, are spending sleepless nights in hospitals and laboratories trying to rescue us all from the snare of the Corona Virus. They are our heroes.

Social distancing is the new normal. For until the Corona Virus cure arrives – or the vaccine, for that matter – we are advised to stay safe and keep indoors – all day, all night – something that is driving a ton of people crazy. We are not having the luxury of taking strolls in the street as we take selfies. We ain’t slayin’ no more – until further notice — except, perhaps, if it has to do with fighting for our god-given [inalienable] human rights in the street — because #blacklivesmatter.

But whereas we may not be doing as much posting and updating on our social media sites, we might as well be doing what introverts have been up to all this time – scrolling down everyone else’s Instagram accounts whilst grinning and double –clicking on them, posts.

I am suggesting ten (10) Instagram Accounts my dorky self has been goggling at all this time and having a blast – from being blessed, advised, counseled to having my ribs cracked with laughter.  Also keeping fit and looking healthy and most importantly keeping my mental health in check.

The Daily Show @thedailyshow

He is unchained. He talks about mass-media, news-media, media-criticism, American Politics, South African Culture, Current Affairs, race relations, culture and does accents on top of it all.

As described by Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times, Noah is “charming and composed, almost inevitably low-key” – but extremely funny. As an African comic, Noah brings a whole array of fresh subject-matter with such hilarious punch lines mostly inspired by his multi-cultural background and experiences.

Among the genres he does, include; political news/ news satire, observational comedy, surreal humor, black comedy, and deadpan. He is, moreover, a perfectionist.

His camera-friendly looks, as the icing on the cake, have also made his works so in-demand… which explains why his DAILY SHOW Instagram account is a must-follow.

NYT Cooking @nytcooking

It is during a time like this that we all should learn how to turn on the stove and fix at least one decent meal. No one should have excuses not knowing how to fix a cup of coffee and pancakes or potato sauté after the lockdown/quarantine has been lifted.

All you have to do is follow NYT Cooking… for all food that’s fit to cook. This instagram account is all spiced up with a fine range of beautiful food shots and then a link to the recipe.

Kevin Hart @kevinhart4real

Kevin Hart is not only funny (comedian) but he is also an inspirational physical exercise enthusiast. He is ever posting his sessions, working out, inspiring his followers to emulate. For the super extrovert that he is, Mr. Hart is always showcasing his hilarious interaction with different people, including his wife, children, friends and his fans.

Joel Osteen @joelosteen

Who doesn’t like Joel Osteen! He is referred to, by many, as the smiling Pastor. Yeah, he smiles a lot. And his hearty smile is very reassuring – especially in a time like this. But more importantly his words of hope, love and encouragement are really beautiful in anyone’s ears.

He is the Pastor of the Houston-based Lake Wood Church in Texas, one of the leading preachers in America. Everyone needs to listen and watch Joel – notwithstanding your race, gender, religious sect or whatever diversities. This positivity all is what Joel reflects in pictures, quotes and videos on his Instagram.

T. D Jakes @bishopjakes

Bishop T. D. Jakes of Potter’s Touch in Dallas Texas like his friend, Joel Osteen is not just about religiousness. He is about faith, love and the hope that we have in God. The fact, also, that we shall not be finished [by Corona Virus] because God will not allow it.

This is all apparent in what Bishop Jakes posts on Instagram, moreover he sometimes holds live video chat sessions with his followers. It is really cool – to feel hopeful, encouraged and refreshed from everything that preoccupies us.

National Geographic  @natgeo @natgeowild

Join the 133 million followers of @natgeo to experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.

Now that Corona Virus has cut us off from interaction with the rest of the world, it behooves us to appreciate even the smallest access to the sights and sounds of the beautiful planet we still inhabit; this is exactly what National Geographic does in its Instagram posts – availing us the opportunity to savour what a wonderful world it still is – with the multiplicity of flora, fauna, landforms, climate – in pictures and a series of small video documentaries.

Krissy Cela @krissycela

Working out is hard as it is. But for some people who are used to hitting the gym every morning (right before work) or in the dusk (after work), Corona Virus lockdown is doing them a lot of disservice. But not all hope is lost. Each is of us with access to internet and a smart gadget, like a mobile phone, most probably has access to Instagram. Actually you can have inspiration from a whole assemblage of trainers and workout directions.

Among others, @They; he does everything ranging from bodyweight exercises, cardio, mobility moves, strength training and abs. All these and more while in your bedroom, or your patio… He is not just a good instructor, he is inspirational.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson @therock

He is ‘The Rock’ because he is a pro-wrestling superstar. It is also because body-builders have nothing on him. He is really fit. But perhaps that’s because he is a workout machine – just the reason you should check out his Instagram account.

His workout can be really taxing – even brutal—but that is because he motivates his fans to workout as hard as they possibly can.

But that’s not all. Besides being a successful Hollywood movie star, Johnson is also personable, down to earth and straight down relatable. To his social-media platforms, he brings out not only his golden voice but his funny side too.

When he is not working out, he is making cocktails, posing with his babies, his fans, and updating about his latest projects. He is the whole package of inspiration and he documents it all on Instagram.

Dr. Jane Caudle

Dr. Jen would make anyone’s day. She is a family doctor dedicated to keeping her followers healthy. She treats patients of all ages.

The Doctor is one of the most visible physicians in America; she appears every week on television, in print, and Instagram. She empowers others to take charge of their health, by providing information in byte forms – which are easy to understand, follow and apply.

Her warm and caring nature is balanced with her own signature tell-it-like-it-is style. And it is all on her Instagram platform.

Dr. Judith Joseph @drjudithjoseph

Finding yourself restricted within the confines of your home can be really stressing – it can literally make one crazy. But as it turned out, we have to stay put to stay safe. This surely is a far stretch for our sanity’s sake but it is exactly why it would be refreshing checking out Dr. Judith Joseph on Instagram.

She is a certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist based in New York. She has made frequent appearances on Television shows across the country and recently she has been posting several videos on her Instagram account about how to cope during this span of the lockdown.

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