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The Wars Black People Fight

How Africans Ended Up Being So Expendable

In a short video that Hollywood star, Salma Hayek posted on her Instagram platform, June 4, 2020, she makes an impassioned plea to her brothers and sisters, from Mexico and Latin America, to come around and lend support to the African Americans’ cause.

“To my Latin-American Community,” she started carefully, making cogent of the need to join the Black Lives Matter Movement and speak up against injustice. She, practically, was imploring them to drag themselves from their it’s-not-my-fight attitude, and rise to the occasion.

Otherwise, many Latinos, until now, were having their legs crossed, probably with popcorn, watching it all unfold yonder. Obviously, they do not count Black People to be their allies, let alone friends – which is quite an irony, considering how much both peoples have in common.

Salma Hayek via Instagram

Of course, Salma received a bit of praise for her activism. But the voices of disapproval were also too loud to ignore. Indeed, @wenqueenbee, quickly rebuffed: “All lives matter” – one of the most accurate statements ever made, yet so embroiled in rancor and conceitedness – convenient for bigots — advanced by white supremacists, deliberately, to effect aggression towards black people.

All-Lives-Matter [in the face of Black Lives Matter] serves nothing but to preempt the fight for egalitarianism. It’s not like when black lives matter, other lives suddenly don’t.

All-Lives-Matter mantra is a diversion, aimed at pushing a sentiment, subtly, that those asking for justice and opportunity are clamoring for more than average treatment. . . . as if the disparities are not apparent with respect to access to healthcare, jobs, housing, education, among others

Similar situations linger on here in Africa. Besides the grim pictures that the propaganda firms have painted for the rest of the world, for years, that poor and dying Africa merely survives on the mercy of the West, these same bigots, systematically, have short-circuited all the roads of economic progress.

And as all this misrepresentation continues to run, the rest of the world have been left to make conclusion on our “humanness”. It’s no coincidence that European soccer fans in stadiums across Europe continue bullying black players by making monkey cries.

Similarly, just recently, as the entire first-world was being ravaged by COVID-19, white people, including Melinda Gates, for her supposed deep-love for our Continent, cried for such a time that was soon when the helpless Black People of Africa would all die from the disease.  

Our incompetence has been made so famous and one wonders why; likewise, our savageness and barbarism has been so emphasized to the [Western and International] elite that Africa’s own diaspora is sometimes too ashamed to want to associate with any blackness anymore.

Africa has been made to connote weirdness — albeit expressed in code and diplomatic lingo, all the same, accentuating our primitive workings — and the supposed reasons for why we are in constant war with our own selves moreover too indolent and corrupt to help ourselves out.

Narrative is that we are callous, daft, and downright a damned race, unable to protect our women and feed our own babies –- as if it is not all by design that we appear so zombie-like and inept — and justifiably exploitable.

But it was during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, at the infamous Berlin [1884] Conference, when these Imperial Powers agreed and remapped Africa without considering the cultural and linguistic borders that already existed. By the end of the conference Africa was divided into 50 colonies and shared amongst themselves with total disregard to its owners. Thus, they ambushed and overrun all our systems. They tore down centuries-long order of economic, social and political organization. They ruined us. And they have never left.

The frustration of the black people is not just in America. It’s global. Part of it is what has culminated into the Black Lives Matter protests across the continents. It is what Salma Hayek was trying to explain to her ‘Latin-American’ community.

For there has always been this invisible hand framing the narrative of the Black People and their relationship with other peoples. It is what, I think, African Americans are describing as systemic – absolutely a world-wide phenomenon.

Why Really Are Black People So Hated?

“For generations secret agendas external to our communities have kept us apart,” underscored Salma, being fully aware of the apparent bad blood between the two societies she was talking about.

You would otherwise wonder what kind of reproach is hanging over the heads of Black People, being so hated everywhere; by the haves and fellow have-nots, by the oppressor and the fellow oppressed ones. How did it even come to be?

See, it’s one thing to be unwelcome to a stranger (for they know not how to relate with you) but when the hate is also from family you get really demoralized. And it is what Africans are living through every day. Family is, for example, what Latin-Americans ought to be, bound by historical realities. Yet, relationship between the two is nothing but a certain awkwardness.

The Americans notwithstanding, the other day it was the Chinese down the throat of every black-skinned fellow in their country. We heard of how Black People were not welcome in many parts of China.

China, Africa is learning, perhaps, is also not the ally we thought she was. At least not in need… “As COVID-19 cases originating from China appeared to decrease and cases that government said were coming from abroad increased…. being black meant feeling unwelcome,” ABC News wrote, April 29 2020.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 is strongly believed to have originated from Wuhan, China and that Africa, at no moment, was a high-risk COVID-19 hotspot, reports in early April showed discrimination against African residents, some of whom were left homeless or subject to arbitrary COVID-19 testing.

Fighting a pandemic is one thing. Thinking that Black People are the cause of every bad thing happening in the world is a completely different (racist) thing altogether.

These situations are not unlike the South African Apartheid policies of restricted movement [and issuance passbooks to black people] or the Stopping and Frisking of black men in America.

Well, while China, wants us to believe that their mistreatment of Black People was a one-time madness, as a new global power, it, evidently, is not trying much to be the better one. Race relations don’t seem like an issue they fundamentally disagree on about the status quo. Or maybe they would rather be neutral which, equally, is an endorsement of the perpetuation of bias and bigotry.

It is, moreover, pointless to begin to enumerate here how we [people of African descent] are as good as everybody else. After all this time, of receiving hate, other races should be the ones to come forward and tell us why they think, we should be discriminated and curtailed.

Could it be that black-skinned people and their success poses some kind of threat to the rest of humanity?

Otherwise, as a minimum, the marginalized communities would be right on the frontline with the Black People. But, as it turns out, they are also hard nuts to crack. At this point Salma Hayek, prudently, went down to her comments section to try to make a case for a united front between Latinos and African-Americans. All the same, there lingered this thick air of sternness.

She labored what she could, replied, and explained [in type this time] that the first step would be to create an alliance with the African Americans first, to fight the racists. But such as @angryatcelebs maintained, Latinos should never support blacks, apparently, because they “hog the minority spotlight and dominate the conversation on racial issues.”

Again, this is not new, deliberately playing the victim card in the face of Black People rather than being self-examining.

Last year, the world was awakened to the unwillingness of the world to get used to Black People taking up space too, when Latinos, practically, went up in arms against the selection of the South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi as 2019’s Miss Universe rather than their own Madison Anderson Berrios, turned out runner-up.

In her article (on NBC News website), Puerto Ricans’ Miss Universe Response Shows Racism Isn’t Just For White People, Susanne  Ramirez de Arellano stated that racism [anti-blackness] is endemic throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

But simply, this is all the legacy and structured plan of capitalism-made-in-Europe which internationalized the divide and rule, a strategy that Nicholas Machiavelli identifies in his Book, Art of War (1521)

In politics it’s called “divide and conquer” which is to gain and maintain power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

It is how, incidentally, we all happen to need a Whiteman’s approval to feel good about ourselves. He has set himself supreme in our psyche, up there, with the angels.

It was the agenda of colonialism. It is still the obsession of the Imperialists – in flashing lights sticking to an expediency [cute-sounding talking points] while, behind the scenes, executing a masterplan which divides the whole world into social strata, to the sole advantage of the West.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, for instance, is one of the richest countries on this planet. It is not only expansive but also gifted by nature. It hosts virtually every precious mineral known. Incidentally, it has been in a state of war ever since the first Whiteman arrived there. It has been under United Nations Peace-keeping force for decades now, yet lasting peace is still nothing but a pipe dream.

The irony is why it is like that. In Africa, we scarcely manufacture fire arms. Even machetes are imported.

I submit, 90% of wars in Africa are White people’s wars. The warring factions of Africans [pitted against each other] are simply listening to the ‘wise’ directions of their godfathers — the White People — who design all this mess. White people who then turn around, in very eloquent International-TV-Language, to point up the brutishness of Africans – justifying their [supposed charitable] interference which is actually plunder.

This ideology has been running, officially, since the effect of the articles of the Berlin Conference. It is Whiteman’s systems ideology. They needed our strong bodies to work on their farms for no pay. They still need our fertile lands, our fresh water bodies, our natural forests, our landscapes, our weather. They need our rocks, intellect too. On the other hand, we [Africans] have always been prepared to protect what is ours.

We fought back indeed. It’s how we survived through it all: Slavery and Colonialism. Some races, like the Red Indians, were exterminated.

We are still fighting for our survival. Thus, the struggle became protracted. The treasure-hunters are never willing to let up. New tactics were adopted, including propaganda, where we become less-than––.

This is how, I think, we became labeled [all sorts of things] and word spread far and wide, up to the last one of White People’s cohorts and disciples [whose skins become lighter when standing next to a black person].

It is why Africa has had no genuine friends outside Africa; all ethnicities have white people to look up to for what is good or bad. No one for us to cry to. It was the strategy; to control subjects, populations and factions of different interests, who collectively might be able to oppose their rule.

And since there was always Black People to be everyone else’s footstool, no one ever felt need to make alliance [with us] to fight European subjugation.

This is how it becomes insufferable, today, for many non-black people to be led by a black person.

On the racial strata, black skin has been sold as the scum of the earth. Many people would rather have black in pigs than in humans.

This is where we find ourselves.

In her article, Latinos must confront ‘ingrained’ anti-black racism amid George Floyd protests, Nicole Acevedo explains, “Eurocentricity and whiteness is how our ancestors survived through oppression.”

Apparently anti-black sentiments are ingrained in Latin-American cultures because they were taught to seek partners that have European or White phenotype or light skin to lighten their family trees.

I have read countless stories from around the world of darker-skinned races white-presenting themselves to distance selves farther away from any shades of black.

This is the world in which we seek to matter.

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