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Iryn Namubiru Premiers “Mpulira”

It’s been a while since Iryn Namubiru released a new one for her fans. But the silence is over now. She’s back.

The Ugandan RnB/Afro-pop superstar on Thursday, June 30, 2020 released “Mpulira”, a slow love vibe gliding upon typical Ugandan musical arrangement. . . with some really edgy mastering this time.

Nessim, the producer manages to pull off this piece with really astute mixing, bringing Melody‘s afro-poetic lines into redemptive fusion with Jazz as performed by the talented Joseph Sax who manned the Saxophone.

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But the song also feeds off the expertise of the illustrious Michael Ouma who wielded the guitar — thus cutely complementing Iryn’s beautiful voice rather splendidly.

Mpulira thus far has received a ton of praise from YouTube listeners;

Wilsse Pro said he had been listening for the 10th time in the day. That is before he quipped, “This song is so sweet. Sound so sweet. If you know you know.”

Kavulu Lwanga went all out with praises, “I always tell all those who care to listen to me that IRYN is not just a musician. She’s music herself. When they tell you to define music just say ‘Music is Iryn Namubiru.'”

Ram commented, “After listening to this, Love is knocking at my door.
Kiss Noor: So beautiful, imagine someone sending you this beautiful song direct from the heart!

Kudos to Iryn Namubiru for this one. It turned out just fine.

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