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Zara Larsson Is Back With “Love Me Land”

“Love Me Land video is out now!” – Zara Larson

Zara: Love Me Land

Zara Larsson is back. Today, July 10, 2020, the multi-platinum selling popstar has released her brand new single, Love Me Land — totally energetic and attitude-filled — out-and-out a dance-pop banger!

This one was written alongside the illustrious Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. The single serves as the launch for Larsson’s much-anticipated second international album, likely to be released later this year.

It is a statement of a tune, with a rather house-party vibe, heightened clubby tempos and theatrical raga-ish drumbeat mastering.

Love Me Land now brings the Sympony-singer back into her space – sharing her beautiful voice with her loyal fans in sleek, sexy, and spellbinding pop bangers.

“I wrote ‘Love Me Land’ with my friends Justin and Julia after a long period of writing for my sophomore album,” Zara said of the song.

“It felt like a kind of eureka moment in understanding the journey I’ve gone on in discovering what it is to be a woman and an artist.”

“The song is about accidentally falling in love but owning it, and I think that combines two things I love and do well – female empowerment and pop bangers! At the moment, we’re all experiencing this scary unknown world and having to endure some hard realities; I hope this can provide a little escapism for everyone, because sometimes dancing can solve everything, even just for a moment.” 

Here Is The Full Video

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