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Passion Is A Real Thing: Here’s How Tems Became A Force To Reckon WIth In The Nigerian Music Industry… In Such A Short Time

@temsbaby is now definitely a force to reckon with in Nigeria’s Music Industry

‘These Days’ is the newest single from Tems. Contrasted with her previous Try Me banger, this one is rather mellower yet so groovy, feeding off an astutely done arrangement to bare forth her Africanized interpretation of the American rhythm and blues.

It is also apparent now, Tems’ versatile voice is most at home in this genre. And, in fact, it is how this Nigerian songbird has come to cement herself in the industry, and on our playlists.

Moreover, she has also serenaded herself deep into our hearts—she is rooted in her craft with such passion… it oozes even in her videos. And she has done it with just a couple of singles; something to do with her avant-garde approach to music—her undeniable creative acumen but also the raw talent that she commands.

Ardent fan, Ajogwu James-Udalor, commenting on Tems’s Instagram platform averred, “‘These days’ [is] one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while. There’s a place where such deep songs come [from], you must always go there when you create… only then can you be immortal. Nothing but the best.”

All this flair, however, did not come out of the blue. It was always a matter of time.

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Born July 23, 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria, Tems grew up with a single mother in a simple and straight forward life. Her real name is Temilade Openiyi.

It was always hard for Tems’ mother to keep up with other parents in the affluent neighborhood of Lekki but she still somehow managed to get everything she wanted and more.

Tems fell in love with music at the tender age of five (5). She enjoyed listening to Destiny’s Child songs like ‘Soldier’ and Survivor’.

Beyoncé was her favorite musician then, and up to date. She always dreamt of becoming a music icon like Beyoncé.

Tems attended Dowen College, Lekki and that was where she met her music teacher who inspired her to pursue a career in music. She began writing songs when she was nine (9) and after her 10th birthday, she made up her mind to follow her passion.

At age 11 she started to train her voice to really get into music. She joined the choir in high school, recorded songs every day with her elder brother who had a guitar.

Tems attended University in South Africa to study Economics which she never liked. Although she found it hard studying Economics in South Africa, Tems graduated with flying colors and returned to Nigeria to kickstart her music career.

By the time Tems was 20, she began producing her songs by herself. She released her debut single “Mr. Rebel”. The reception she got was lackluster but that did not discourage her from making music.

Then she made “Looku Looku” which was moderately well-received. Riding on the success of Looku Looku, Tems went on to release another hit track titled “Try Me”.

Since its release, the official video of Try me has reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube—a massive success for a singer without a record label.

Tems is an independent artist for now and not desperate to get signed. With the unending ruckus in the record labels and artists, it is, rather prudent for Tems to keep yonder, trying getting all her priorities in line before signing any contracts.

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On November 25, 2019, leading music heavyweight in Nigeria, Don Jazzy took to Twitter to recognise Tems’s work: “[She] is such an exceptional artiste,” he wrote, “it’s so refreshing to see how a lot of these relatively new faces are changing the game. Gotta respect that.”

Apart from gaining over a million views on YouTube, Try Me was clearly a harbinger of good things for Tems. The song went on to feature on major Entertainment Media Channels, including the official Nigeria Top 10 on MTV Base. It also received massive airplay on Trace TV, Sound City and Hip TV, among others.

Listen to Tems’s These Days lyrics video Below

What is clear to this point is that the sky is not the limit for the very personable Tems and. . . of course, she is here to stay.

And surely we will be here cheering for this true African Princess.

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