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Why Africa’s Young Elite Are A Liability To Quicker Socio-Economic Transformation

From the basic economics I know, it’s imprudent to think that economic growth (per capita income) or citizens’ standard of living is on a linear spectrum… that’s elitist hogwash, I dare say.

It makes politics and moral arguments but, in fact, how can one think that judgement of economic success of a country like Uganda is SOLELY dependent on time, for example (like how long a government has been in power). What argument is that?

It’s unfortunate that the so-called Rowstow’s Modernization Theory, like a lot of literature made in the West, is lazy African-elites’ Alpha and Omega. In truth, there are many variables that foreign researchers overlook because, justifiably, Africa is never their prototype.

African political/economic commentators always forget that book rules aren’t cast in stone… Certainly why M7 told off his dissenters at the 2016 Presidential Debate that he had not come to talk about fiction as opposed to the real Uganda as it is.

While the importance of, for example, a road is obvious to some, it’s not so easy to convince a peasant landowner that giving up his ancestral land for the road (even for a fortune) is a patriotic thing. Incidentally, the haggling and the convincing of that person eats into original budgets and, of course, time. But this is never the case in Singapore or China where governments are more empowered, to put lightly.
In Europe, there were serious (non-compensatory) evictions during the industrial revolutions.

And as it turns out, later, people catch up and begin to appreciate what pain they were put through to achieve better standards of living. And then follow other admirers, like us, who worship the European brainpower and want to be like Europe in one night (with no discussion of the cost that ever accompans).

It’s sad that whenever these educated young people of Africa begin talking, they’re so idealistic that they cannot even acknowledge that we can’t match our needs with the pre-capitalistic state we are in.
It’s so weird that the ignorance is with the elite themselves… and that’s how they become dangerous.

I watched them this week, at the 2020 Presidential Nominations in Kyambogo and I could not believe what I was hearing. A boda-boda rider could as well make some of their speeches. What they have in abundance is passion but not much else. Someone went on and on, even as far as promising to make Uganda a first world country in five years. Like they were pitching a school-prefect bid.

How about someone diagnose what really is the problem! How about these young politicians save us this roller coaster of lies and smears and apparent rage! Where is the demagoguery taking us really? Are they even serious about creating a better Uganda?

For if these people were genuine, we definitely would see more of the presidential demeanor of Nancy Kalembe, who I think, honestly, is respresentative of the real future that Ugandans want to see; it’s worlds apart from the brimstone that some other vindictive ones promised to unleash… It is scary!

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