Kivumbi Press

About Us

Kivumbi Press covers the latest in Celebrity News, Politics, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle and Entertainment for all young people who live in Africa and beyond.

We are on a job to inform young people [and the young-at-heart 40s and 50s] about the trendiest “stuff” that is not only fun to read about but inspirational too, and educational.

We talk about positive living—work, finance, innovation, inclusiveness and, indeed faith. We believe that it makes all the sense when young people look at stuff that is up-to-the-minute but when it is non-toxic for their peace of mind and physical health. We want to be a part of a [digital] generation that is of accountable people that promote peace, protect the vulnerable and lift each other up.

And also fights for the equality of all men and the freedom of worship, speech and expression all whilst being virtuous, curious, brave and open-minded.

Join the wagon… let’s roll!

Photo by Yingchou Han on Unsplash

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